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DIRECTV Installation When you order a free DIRECTV satellite TV system, you get free professional installation. After your satellite TV system is shipped, you will be notified to schedule an installation time that's convenient for you. DIRECTV installation is done through a network of more than 1,000 certified installers nationwide. Click here, or call 1-866-529-6828 for more information or to get DIRECTV at the best price. DIRECTV Professional Installation Here's what you get with free DIRECTV professional standard installation: Your satellite dish is properly aimed and mounted. Your system is grounded for lightning and electrical protection. All cables are properly routed through your exterior walls. Your receiver is installed and connected to the nearest phone outlet. You are shown how to operate your satellite TV receiver. Note: If you require anything other than standard installation, such as extra wiring, relocation of telephone jacks, or special hardware or accessories, you are required to pay for those extra services and hardware at the time of installation. Ask your installer about additional services and hardware prior to installation. DIRECTV Installation Requirements Here are the requirements necessary for DIRECTV satellite TV installation: You must have an unobstructed view of the southern sky in order for the satellite dish to capture the satellite signal. If you live in an apartment, you must get written permission from your landlord to install a satellite TV system. If you are a member of a home owner's association, installation must be done within their guidelines. You must reside in the continental United States.   Do-It-Yourself DIRECTV Installation If you would like to know how to install a DIRECTV satellite TV system, click here. However, do- it-yourself satellite TV installation is not recommended as doing so may void your warranty. Click here, or call 1-866-529-6828 for more information or to get DIRECTV at the best price. ©
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DirecTV installer DISH Network Call 1-866-529-6828 or click below for special offers and to get DIRECTV at the best price   DIRECTV CLICK HERE